Tickets may be purchased in our office, from our drivers on the bus or from our agent at the park & ride (when available) with cash or check. Drivers are not required to supply a receipt. A $15.00 fee will be charged for any returned checks.



Children under two (2) years of age are carried free; however they may not occupy a seat. Between the ages of two (2) and ten (10) are carried at seven dollars ($7.00). Children ten (10) years of age or over must pay the full fare.

• Car seats are NOT permitted and are not safe on board on coach buses due to the lack of being able to fasten them to the seats.

• Any passenger that is under the age of 8 must be accompanied by another passenger at least 15 years of age at all times.

• Those passengers between the ages of 8 and 14 years may travel unaccompanied as long as the following criteria are met:

• The passenger's trip will begin and end on the same schedule.

• At the point of destination, an adult must wait for the passenger.



Regular "10- trip ticket book" will be good for travel any day of the week and any time of the day and may be used as a "family book". The forty (40) trip commuter book is limited for use up to 2 calendar months, and may be used by one individual only. These tickets will be accepted when being issued from the book only; tickets detached from book are void and may not be accepted.

Commutation tickets will be on sale all times. Commutation tickets will not be accepted if purchased from other that authorized agents of the company or is resold. Commutation tickets are only valid for transportation provided by MONSEY TRAILS CORP., and are not valid for transportation provided by any other carrier.



Commutation tickets: wholly or partly unused tickets will no longer be refunded. No refunds will be issued to lost or stolen booklets 10 - trip Ticket Books: No refund will be issued to the ten (10) trip commuter books. Cash Fares: No refund will be issued for trips paid by cash.



Two pieces of luggage will be accepted for transportation in the luggage compartment and one piece may be carried on the bus free of charge. Monsey Trails/Tours reserve the right to limit and charge customers for additional pieces of luggage in peak periods. A fee of $5.00 per piece on a space available basis will be in effect. Baggage is transported at the customer's risk; the company is not responsible for lost or damaged bags, or its contents.



Every effort is made by the company to retrieve lost items left on the bus. Items found at outlying locations should be shipped to the Spring Valley Office immediately at 8 Washington Ave. Spring Valley NY, 10977. Customers looking for items can try calling the "Lost & Found Department at 1.845.510.5100 ext 140, or submit their inquiry online. We try our best to retrieve lost or forgotten items and return them to their owners.



The company reserves the full control and discretion and the right during any trip to transfer passengers from one vehicle to another en route whenever operating conditions require it. The company also reserves the right to reroute passengers to another destination when, in the opinion of the company, operating conditions make this necessary. In case of insufficient seating capacity on any schedule, passengers will be placed on the next available coach. No reduced rate of special excursion tickets will be honored on limited trips unless especially provided in the Tariff issued. Tickets cannot be purchased and or will not be honored at any point where the coach is not scheduled to stop.



The company reserves the right to refuse to transport a person under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, or who is incapable of taking care of himself or herself, or whose condition is such as to make him objectionable to other passengers, or whose behavior threatens the safety of others, such as yelling, cursing or aggressive gestures or listening to loud music.



Any passenger requiring ADA accessible bus must contact Monsey Trails at least 48 hours prior to departure. Call 1.845.510.5100 ext. 105.



Eye seeing dogs or any other animals assisting disabled people may be carried on commuter service.



Monsey Trails Corp. is committed to ensuring that no- person is excluded from, or denied benefits of our serviced on the basis of race, color, gender or national origin as protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended. Any person who believes that they have, individually, or as a member of any specific class of persons, been subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender or national origin, may file a complaint in writing to Monsey Trails Corp. To file a complaint, write to: 8 Washington Ave Spring Valley NY, 10977 or file a complaint online.



מאנסי טרעילס קארפ. טוט פארזיכערן אז קיין מענטש איז עקסקלודיד פון, אדער אפגעזאגט די בענעפיטען פון אונדזער באַדינונג אויף דער באזע פון ראסע, קאליר, דזשענדער אדער נאציאנאלע אפשטאם, אזוי ווי פּראטעקטעד דורך טייטל-6 פון די ציווילע-רעכטען אקט פון 1964, ווי אמענדירד. יעדער מענטש וואס גלויבט אז זיי זענען, אינדיווידזשואל, אדער ווי א מיטגליד פון א ספעציפישע גרופע, און איז געווען אויסגעשטעלט צו דיסקרימינאציע אויף דער באזע פון ראסע, קאליר, דזשענדער אדער נאציאנאלע אפשטאם, קען א שריפטליכע קלאגע אפשיקען צו מאנסי טרעילס קארפ.  Monsey Trails Corp.  8 Washington Ave,  Spring Valley, NY 10977, אדער באזוכן די וועב זייטעל